The 5 Elements Needed For Success On Our Platform

Written by on February 29, 2020

That StarFire Symposium

At the That StarFire Symposium you will learn the five critical elements that have fueled the success of all great entertainers’ careers. These are what we unpack and demonstrate at the UrbanFire Radio Television & Film Festival during the week of Juneteenth (June 22nd of every year). Are you an aspiring actor ready to get to work? Have you been waiting to set your acting career into motion? HERE’S YOUR CHANCE. In association with the KOTF TeleRadio Network, Inc., UrbanFire Radio-Television & Film Festival presents That StarFire Symposium Open Call Monologue Showcase! Here is what the five points of our star represent… Until you possess these key elements for yourself, it will be nearly impossible for you to reach your dreams and build a successful career in our industry.

StarFire Point #1 – Charisma is, in all actuality, where it starts. You don’t have to have superstar looks to get a role or affect people in such a way as to win them over so that you can form a bond, but you do need to look like you care about your appearance. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, nor what part of it. The truth is, looks count. Make sure your clothes are clean and up-to-date. Make sure your shoes are polished and well cared for or that your sneakers are clean and well-kept. Make sure your hair is cut and your nails are clean. You might not think it matters, but it does. Even if you’re not going to be playing a leading role in the media or the lead singer onstage, there’s still a certain charisma every producer wants to see and the initial key word is see. Whether you’re working as a security guard or a vice president, having a certain look and likability will help grease the wheels of getting work done and keeping everyone happy (I will write about this more later – this is an important element…). While it is true that our art finds the audience by causing the audience to look for it, there is still that thing that a wide cross section of people find irresistible in successful artists. Either we have it or we don’t.

Furthermore, charisma delves into the realm of leadership in that your charm is such that it matters not one bit that you’re about to fall face first off the side of the planet. People will follow suit, they will follow face first, and they will love it when they splatter on the ground after that breath-taking fall. They’ll love you even more because of the shared experience… Which leads us into another aspect of charisma that forms a link to the people who love you and a barrier of security between you all and those who cannot understand. Your imagination. See, your imagination must be so big… so large… huge… that it has enough room in it for everyone to participate and experience. You have to somehow communicate that to people in such a way that as you sing to them, rap those killa bars, play that role as if you really are the character you are playing, play that instrument in the band… or support the teammate that’s on the stage making the show business magic happen – as you do what you do, the people that follow you are there with you, they’re there in that thang with you, and so they relate even if they cannot understand or know what you have gone through or is going through or have witnessed someone go through something. They are transported with you as you zone out way out there wherever it is that you learn to go when you do your thing. See, StarFire Point #2 – Exceptional Performance has very little to do with what you say in relation to how you say it. The experiences you provide your audiences make you and they break you. Take for example Facebook. You throw together a shoddy Facebook page and never post, never even open it. Your Facebook friends will never benefit from your profile and so will forget about you. The same thing rings true for your performances and your craft. They have to be memorable and they have to touch your audience members in a way that only your charisma allows you to touch them. If you have never been to a Charlie Wilson concert, you are missing the blessing of witnessing what I am saying. Charlie Wilson is a master at connecting with his audience and taking them with him to experience his show. His music comes from out of that thang I was just telling you about. It comes from his heart. The man has been through some things and the audiences his music finds understand in only the way that people who have experienced what they have experienced can understand. Charlie Wilson is just an average guy. He’s the guy that fell in love with a woman that many would perceive as being an unmatched partner. He’s the guy that sank to the deepest depths from his true self due to drug addiction. He’s the guy that reveals his darkest secrets to those he loves – his audience… He sounds like my uncle… and so many more of my relatives. So much so, that when I, and many of my friends and family, refer to him I affectionately call him Uncle Charlie. This is because he is like the uncle I meet every time I buy his record. When I go to his concerts, I relish buying the ticket, braving the traffic to get to the arena, bumping into my relatives as we all try to find our seats… And when the lights go down in the room and the stage lights go up I am in his world with him seeing his words or what he’s talking about. I feel his emotions as he’s telling the whole world how I feel about Antoinette… You cannot pay me enough money for my Uncle Charlie tickets.

That’s the way audiences feel about their charismatic stars that they go out and pay good money to experience. It’s the way I feel about Uncle Charlie. You have to affect people just like that.

If you cannot communicate with your craft, then you have to find help. That StarFire Point #3 – Exceptional and professional material is the next thing in the line of elements that must be present. Writers are worth their weight in platinum, especially those writers that can take your everyday thoughts and your deepest, darkest, and most close-to-heart feelings and effectively yet simply communicate them on paper in an iambic pentameter framework with just enough broken rules to keep it interesting… And then your producers and musicians and beatmakers… This just cannot be replaced or skimped on. You must record or otherwise capture these performances. And just going in and accepting the first take captured is not going to cut it. I once witnessed a producer encourage his client to record a song fifteen times. Fifteen. Then during editing he cut that song up nine-thousand ways from Sunday, some lines literally built word for word from different takes, and pieced together into the most heart-felt performance the artist had ever heard come out of her own mouth. He gave it to her and two weeks later she returned to the studio to sing it exactly like he had edited it and that song reminded me of what it’s like to hear my heart sing. These performances come from deep within us and in this industry we equip ourselves with technology to capture them when given to us from the being that created the heavens and the earth and everything between them so that we can share what the Most High gave us with the rest of the world. These performances… They are gems so rare that they are worth all of the precious lives they touch and enrich because they embody those lives, they are those lives, they speak for the inadequate of tongue.

And these kinds of performances require a work ethic so fierce that seeing you work scares the hell out of the faint of heart, the lazy, the uninitiated. The most successful entertainers aren’t always the most talented. Instead, they are the ones willing to put in the hard work. Like, for example, the singer I mentioned. She could sing but to get to the core performance the producer had to pull it out of her in different takes and then he had to go through the tedious process of piecing together probably her best performance. On top of that, she had to go back and practice that pieced-together performance to help the producer yield the best performance of her career up to that point. Work ethic is hard work at the expense of all else within reason. You must have one… And you must be able to properly communicate it. That takes work. It takes heart, and it takes a certain group of people working together as a team striving for the common goal of providing the most deep-touching experiences for the audience.

That StarFire Point #4 – The Complete Team is yet another element that contributes to your success on our platform, or lack thereof. What does that team consist of? Glad you asked.

We talked about your Producer, who is sometimes your engineer as well as a musician/ beatsmith. Your Manager is that person that makes sure you get to where you’re supposed to be and on time and ready to work. They make sure you are happy with your situations. They keep you grounded, organized, and effectively functional. Your Agent makes the deals, get the features, crafts the collaborations that are strategic and success driven for everyone involved. To add to the team is your attorney. Entertainment Attorneys do many things these days, but their core function on the team is to make sure your agreements are right and exact and fair. You do not want a greedy attorney. Greedy attorneys will advise you to put yourself in compromising situations. I am talking about your integrity – we will talk more about this in just a few… Attorneys who are greedy will absolutely kill a lot of good deals for your career. There are people out there who mean well and are just shy of a breakthrough, and here comes a greedy attorney who, because that person doesn’t have enough money or notoriety they advise you to avoid working with that person. Then that person turns out to be Charlie Wilson. You need an attorney that sees the big picture and sees it from the vantage point of fairness, probability, and mission accomplishment. And most importantly, that attorney has to allow everyone to play their position and be fairly compensated for it. And if no one knows your name… or your face… It’s going to be so hard. Your Publicist makes sure everyone knows your name and your face, and they make sure everyone knows these in connection with your work and what you have coming up next. This is very important. If nobody knows, then what do you think will happen if you book a book-signing tour? Right.

That StarFire Point #5 – You must be the example of Integrity meaning you have to be the first adopter of your dreams and you have to cut it off at some point so you can get to work. What I mean is, you have to have your whole end-game in focus. You have to see it, smell it, feel it in your own heart and mind first. And I mean the whole end result. Why are you doing it? What does your lifestyle look like and consist of? What are your objectives and goals and how long are you going to give yourself to get it done or fail trying?

Entertainers and their support teams who never achieve anything significant in this industry build paths to their goals by starting from where they are in the present moment. On the other hand, entertainers who achieve great success do things not differently but completely opposite of what the failures do – they plan their careers by beginning from the end point of achieving their goals and work backwards to the present day. And they don’t just imagine themselves having already accomplished their major goals, they meditate in a way that allows them to practice living the dream, practice taking the right and exact steps through to completion then build their lives around that vision. This is a much more effective way of accurately determining the actions required for putting together your career.

If you think this is not possible, think about this: Have you ever had a dream where you were scared to death while being chased by a gunman in a dark neighborhood? Or having sex with someone in your sleep? In the first situation you woke up with a start and what was happening with you physiologically? You were out of breath, breathing hard, and sweating as if what? As if you had just been being chased by a gunman in a dark neighborhood… The other situation… You woke up just as the orgasm cracked through your body. In both of these situations you were asleep and none of what affected you physiologically was happening to you physically. Yet these affected you physically in these random dreams.

What if you eliminated the randomness occurring in your sub consciousness by applying common meditation techniques to condition your body to respond favorably to the successes related to accomplishing your dreams? See, integrity is by far the most important element of this star. You have to see the whole picture. And I specifically mean picture. There is much to be said on this subject and I will write about it in this blog series, but for now understand this: In order for you to get in a position to use your charismatic It to lead your Complete Team in helping you to deliver Exceptional Performances of your Professionally Exceptional Material so that audiences get one-of-a-kind experiences, you yourself have to know what the end-game is. Not only that, you have to pick your team by what the end-game requires, you have to choose your collaborations by it, everything has to be put on the proverbial scales and weighed and balanced against your vision.

So dream big enough to where it requires that you help more and more people to do what they do to get you where your end-game is designed to land you and your team.

All of the most well-known and successful people did not achieve their goals by thinking realistically about what seemed possible. They focused their mind like a laser only on what they wanted. When you make your goals in line with the things you want most, you will be much more motivated to actually achieve them. And if you meditate like I am suggesting and pray as if everything depends on the Most High and then get off your ass and go to work as if everything depends on you, success is in your near future. Start building your career in your own heart and mind first by focusing on what you want as opposed to what seems possible. Ignore what’s possible. Do what the Most High says you can do – create your reality. It’s as easy as saying, “BE!” Say that in your own heart and mind and it will be. It doesn’t stop there, don’t get that shit twisted.

You need two things more:

1. A plan of action built on solid and effective objectives that have the highest probability of accomplishing the goal to realize your dreams. In other words, make the dream an actual reality on the plane of physical things.

2. You have to take major fervent action each and every day to bring yourself closer to your goals. You might think this is common knowledge, but you would be shocked at how many hopeful people give up on their dreams simply due to lack of effort (in terms of taking physical action).

Now. Let’s get to work.

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