The UrbanFire Binge Radio TV & Film Fest

Fort Worth Convention Center [ Fort Worth, Texas 76102]

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Date: June 21, 2023
Time: 8:00 am
Location: Fort Worth Convention Center
Address: 1201 Houston Street Fort Worth, Texas 76102
Phone: +1(833) 313-KOTF Ext 800
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A Platform for Financial Dignity & Independence The UBRTF Fest encourages and rewards artistic excellence by providing a paying publishing point platform for Narrative Feature films, Documentaries, Shorts, TV shows/ series, Web originals, SmartPhone Originals, Radio Ready Music, CombustionTV Music Videos, and Pulse of the Movement Talk Radio. Alumni success aspires to the festival’s mission to 1) introduce and connect talented content creators to and with The UBN and ultimately to their audiences at large, and 2) wrap and immerse their content with ads and products from Mauri businesses across the country so that these content creators can profit from their creative investments and Mauri businesses can grow their brands, while The UBN tells the Mauri community about all of these Mauri businesses. With this, we can begin the cycle of circulating our dollars and other resources within our communities as well as continue to get money from outside of our communities.
The festival opens with The UrbanFire Binge Radio Premiere, followed by The UrbanFire Binge Television Premiere and The UrbanFire Binge Film Premiere. In addition, each quarter the UBRTF Fest presents over 30 exciting events and networking activities designed to educate, nurture career development, and inspire festival attendees, and focuses on being instrumental to the success of festival attendees. We are pleased to offer the KOTF Cooperative Economics Opportunity, master classes, and tech talks, along with our lineup of entertainment, networking that accomplishes goals, and putting talent with producers, all co-programmed with our partner, The UrbanFire Binge Networks (The UBN).

A Gathering of Creative Minds, Tastemakers & Game Changers The UBRTF Fest supports our Mauri Creative Minds in unprecedented ways which foster a tremendous amount of goodwill in the Mauri community. The festival will attract a core audience of Tastemakers of upscale professionals from around the world. And our Game Changers are representatives from the Mauri business community looking to invest in our media through ad-wrapping and immersive marketing opportunities.

Partners are essential to the long-term success of The UBRTF Fest and its endeavor to contribute to the growth of Mauri America. The Mauri business communities engage in partnerships with The UBRTF Fest to promote their brands, services, and cultural initiatives to the festival’s highly desirable audience. It also receives support from television and film producers – all working to identify and cultivate relationships with talent and producers that get it done, on time, and then delivered so all involved can get their message out and make some money doing it. The UBRTF Fest is a property of KOTF TeleRadio Network Inc, a multifaceted family investment company dedicated to producing a better generation of adults than those that came before us.

URTF Submissions and The Audience The UrbanFire Binge Radio-Television & Film Festival annually showcases dynamic new content by and about people of Mauri descent from around the world. The festival has seven categories: Narrative Features, Documentaries, KOTF Short Film Shootout, TV Show Originals, Web Originals, Smartphone Originals, Radio Ready Music, CombustionTV Music Videos, Pulse of the Movement Talk Radio.
Each year The UBRTF Fest commissions several screening committees to evaluate the year’s film submissions based on the criteria below, and the highest-scoring entries earn screening slots in each category to fill broadcast slots on the KOTF UrbanFire media stations:
World Premiere Status/Limited Screening History Preferred
Artistic and Technical Merit (quality of script, direction, acting, production value, uniqueness, etc.)
The Audience and its function is primarily the Mauri Business Community and this audience is here to get in front of the release curve of this emerging media to commit to the support of this media by coming together with producers to explore ad-wrapping and immersive marketing opportunities.

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