Christopher Martin – Big Big

Director: RD Studios

Produced by Chimney Records

Label: VP Records

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Big Big | Lyrics

From mi likkle n deh country mi kno mi did a guh far
Nuff ppl look n Neva see nuttn but mi see a star
Si mi name in bright lights and face in cinemas
Dem used to seh mi chest high but look at me now
Look at me now
In full control
Mi foreign a push start press gas go
Designer clothes and shoes like wow
A nuh hype man a hype mi jus a show yuh how mi grow
Remember up a country wen mi did a climb tree
Affi gaah river cause mi couldn’t go a beach
Only time mi come a town a mussi pon a church trip
Or dem carry mi guh airport fi guh pickup family
Now that family’s me ooh wee
If yuh nuh happy fi mi then I’m sorry
Cause Jah bless me ooh wee
N mi block n delete the wikid gyal POVERTY

Right now Man BIG big big
Car big big big
House big big big
And mi gyal dem hot yuh frig
And mi bank book big big big
Lifestyle big big big
Man a dweet big big big
From mi Likkle bit a suh mi waa live!

Jordan Imagine if a yute like me did born inna money
Get a jump start from a rich daddy or mommy
With the drive Weh mi have n the ambition within
Mek mi tell yuh str8 nobody couldn’t tell mi nothin
All a mi fren dem woulda rich long time cause from me rich dem rich to
Mi kno miself fi share mi wealth that wouldn’t be no issue
Give mi knowledge to the one dem Weh wiiling fi listen
Real don inna di land man a lion some bwoy a kitten

Money pon mi mind consistently
Mi nah nuh time fi none a mi enemy,
Big moves man a Mek nuttn nuh Lilly
Give thanks fi Weh mi deh
Name big inna every country
Di love real oh yea
Any Weh yuh si mi as yuh si mi dis unuh fi seh

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